Welcome to the Glam Studio 5, Katrina Sanders represents the all things classy and glamourous. The Glam Studio 5 is a one-stop shop for all your beauty enhancement needs. The Glam Studio specializes in traveling for weddings, photoshoots, runway shows, makeup classes, empowerment sessions, one-on-one life coaching, group leadership sessions, etc. The Glam Studio 5 travels to places near and far to meet the needs of women, groups, and organizations.  Her passion to motive women to live a glamorous life from the inside out is where the vision the Glam Studio 5 came to life. 

The Glam Studio 5 hopes to  answering the call of women who want the Glam experience with  your expert glam squad who will take pride in  catering  to their questions and offer personalized services for women to become Glamorous.  A strong belief that every woman should “Be Glamorous” is the vision for the Glam Studio 5 meets the Glam Life Hair Boutique.

Glamming dolls with Love,